Request your Smart Meter Data

Before you start:

You must be the Primary Account Holder (or have access to that information), as registered with your Electricity Retailer in order to Request your Smart Meter Data.

You'll need your electricity bill on hand so that you can copy your meter information from it.

  • How do I complete the Request your Smart Meter Data Form?
    1. Enter the First Name and Last Name you provided to your energy retailer.
    2. Enter your NMI (National Meter Identifier). This is a 10 or 11 digit number usually on page two of your electricity bill.
    3. Enter your electricity Meter Number. This is a seven digit number located on your electricity meter and also on page two of your electricity bill.
    4. Enter your Phone Number (numeric without spaces), the number you provided to your energy retailer. This can be a mobile or landline number.
    5. Enter your Postcode – this must be a Victorian postcode.
    6. Enter your Email Address, your data request response will be sent to this email.
    7. Re-enter your email in the Confirm Email field.
    8. Click on Terms of Use to read the Terms and Conditions, then tick to confirm your acceptance. Note: if you do not tick this option you will not be able to submit your application.
    9. Click the Submit button.
  • How do I know if I am eligible for the $50 Power Saving Bonus?

    Eligibility criteria is set by Victorian Energy Compare

    1. The claimant must have a Victorian electricity bill and be the account holder for that bill; and
    2. The claimant must be at the service address for the bill, to receive the Power Saving Bonus (which will be mailed to the service address stated on the electricity bill).

    NOTE: Small businesses are not eligible for the $50 Power Saving Bonus

  • Why can’t I submit my Request your Smart Meter Data Form?

    In order to submit a Request your Smart Meter Data Form we use the details you provide to authenticate you against the information your energy retailer has provided us.

    This means the details you enter need to EXACTLY match the details you have given your energy retailer – this may be different to what is on your bill.

    Firstly check you have entered your information correctly (e.g. no spelling mistakes or typo’s) and if you are still receiving an error message contact your retailer to confirm the EXACT name and phone number you provided to them.

    HINTS: below are some common errors when filling in the Data Request Form

    1. Name – whose name is the energy bill registered in? You may be using your name but it may be in your partner’s name. This may be different to what is on your bill
    2. Surname – have you changed your surname? If you have updated your surname but didn’t let your retailer know then AusNet Services won’t have this information
    3. Middle initial – do you have a middle initial? You may need to add this in, or don’t add it
    4. Phone number – what number are you typing in? You may have given your retailer your landline or mobile phone number
    5. Special characters – if you are typing an "&" replace it with "and" to allow you to submit the form